Things that make me fall in love (Fangirl version)

1. Play my favourite character in a movie:

This is an automatic reaction. You really like a character partially because of the performance delivered by the actor. So the logical thing to do next is to look them up on YouTube and fall in love with them.

2. Have a contagious laugh:

Gets me every time. There's something magical when a person starts laughing hard, especially when they throw their head back, cover their face or body with their arms (See Chris Evans).

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3. Being witty:

This is applicable for all sorts of admiration. The smart remarks, the occasional sarcasm spontaneously has falling into deep pits of lurve.

4. Being supportive and affectionate:

There's always one, say a member in a band or a character in a show, or one of the actors in a movie, who's super supportive and super affectionate. They are always saying nice things about others, hugging others, generally being a cinnamon roll. It takes less than a second for me to fall head over heels for these people.