Have you ever felt not connected to the world?
Well, I have, your friends have, your pet(s) have, the point is, everyone has.
If you are depressed, sad and lonely, ifjust follow my tips to help you discover your happy place.

Write Out Your Heart

Keep a journal or even a diary, the choice is yours. Write your feelings down on paper every time you feel down. You could write a poem, a short story, comic, or even a song! No matter what it is, just make sure you write every thought down.

Music To Your Ears

Listen to music that speaks to your soul. I like to listen to music while writing in my journal to help me stay inspired. Find music that is (aesthetically pleasing) to your ears. Now once you found your liking in music, close your eyes and just relax. Imagine and create your happy place. It could be up in the clouds on a sunny day, at a cafe in Paris, anywhere that suits you.

Your Own Happy Place

Every time you feel down in the dumps, just re-imagine your happy place, your home away from home. Even if your mad, just go back to your oasis.

Reading to Another World

Another fun and interesting way that helps with sad emotions, is to read!
Pick a genre that excites you. For example, drama, comedy, romance, or even fantasy are good choices. Whatever floats your boat. Make sure this genre is a genre that makes you forget about your life for at least an hour tops. Let the book guide you through a thrilling journey.

What Speaks to Your Soul?

Discover your hidden passions. If you are interested in something that you have never tried before, well now this is the time to try it out. Try out photography, songwriting, singing, acting, something that interests you.
Even starting a Youtube channel is a good choice, (just as long as you have your guardian(s) permission). Discover a passion that makes you happy, confident, and excited about living.

"Thank you so much for reading!"

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