Hey guys!!! thanks for liking my top 5 anime article, Now its time for some anime love/talk, first i need to tell you guys something, if you guys are anime lovers than you probably read so many manga's already, well i have a lot of friends that are anime freaks and i asked them if they ever read MAXIMUM RIDE and they said NO, and i was overwhelmed, so i decided to tell you guys to read it, some of you might of read it but i bet some of you guys haven't so ill tell you a little interdiction about it so you can get the series and READ it, here we go, it is a well done and has really good drawings, the characters names are MAX, FANG, ANGEL, IGGY, NUDGE, GASMAN, ARI, and JEB. It has a really good story to it, i really love it, so JEB is maxes dad but she doesn't know that, MAX is the main character, MAX, FANG, ANGEL, IGGY, NUDGE, and GASMAN are family in there eyes, they are human but different, they are called hybirds as in they are human but have wings and have different body parts like a bird called air sacks, but they don't eat bugs, JEB tells them lies and says they are not human and they are like an human/bird robot, so MAX, FANG, ANGEL, IGGY, NUDGE, and GASMAN are trying to find there real parents and ho they really are that's an interdiction about what its about, but if you wan't to know more there are manga's everywhere and i know that maximum ride is there, and here's a spoil alert MAX and FANG fall in love and are boyfriend and girlfriend. HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!!
-ill write more soon-