love...its a common feeling all humans have wether its over someone,or hell life in general.

love is toxic and dangerous it makes you feel almost as if you were free,wild,and have the worst case of adrenaline it makes your life less dull.

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Love drives people nuts..just mad crazy because its a feeling that you hate but you also like because it gives you excitement and also a scary feeling because when you have something so pure...and very extravagant you don't want to let go,or lose something like that with anyone or anything.....

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I was in love once......it hurt like when it went away but some how there was a feeling that was good and bad about it being gone....it was kind of a relief because i wasn't needing anyone there for me anymore..i was used of not having anyone to help me or comfort me when i had a problem so when he did leave me and i knew he was gone for good....i decided to take matters into my own hands and be independent for myself. It was healthier for me,myself,and i... i needed to focus more on me then what he thought.....the sad thing was one night we will be wild kids together with no care in the world and the next day be complete strangers to echother i told you things about me i wouldn't have told anyone else we stayed up for 5 hours talking about life and what it would be like if we were together.... would it have been better if me and you were together? or just strangers? sometimes i wonder if you still think about me....but i know thats impossible because you've moved on from me...you found better and i respect that because i was to hard to handle and i'm sorry

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My love life now is incredible....i have found someone to shed my secrets and fears to......i really hope this don't go away because i love the feeling of someone caring for me even tho i have learned to just stay to myself about things but the fact that someone is willing to try and make me happy,comfort me when i'm mad,or even just grab my face in a middle of a argument and just be like "i love you to much to be arguing with you",now that is what i call love.....if you can find that you will find the one you have been looking for and you need to keep that person in your arms as long as you can pr you will be back into the broken process...........

There is only one happiness in life to love or to be loved
— LifeHacks

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if you made it to this point of my poem i want to say thank you and that soon ill be writing alot more about personal experiences and just life in general i love you and thank you for reading come stalk my social medias :)

thank you :)