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Their favorite thing about you


Your humor. Unlike him, you actually tell really good jokes, making him laugh non stop. He'd also love how you would make up new jokes just to impress him. He would always ask for a joke, especially when he's feeling down or stressed out. You always made sure he had the best smile every day!

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Your cuteness. We all know he loves cute stuff and when it comes from you, it’s a huge bonus. He will giggle and show off that dimple smile every time you said or did something cute. In return, he would either cuddle you or give you sweet kisses.

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Your determination. His heart will flutter every time he saw you determined to do something. He'd find it cute and inspiring at the same time. He'd also love it when you encourage him to try out new things, like learning a new language!

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Your smile. He'd purposely will do anything to make you smile. From the moment he first saw you, your smile captivated him the most. From compliments to other cute actions, he would make you smile! He's hope and sunshine after all.

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Your hands. He has smaller hands than other members, and he gets teased about it. So, when he noticed you have smaller hands than him, it gave him a better reason to be more confident. Even if there wasn't much difference, he'd always tease you, making you laugh!

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Your tolerance. Sometimes Taehyung will do and say things that will make people question him. He'd like how you would simply shrug it off or laugh at him. He would feel warm inside and also understanded. He will be nervous expressing himself at first, but this side of you will make him fall head over heels in love with you.

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Your voice. Whether you have deep or sweet voice, he'd love hearing you all the time. At first, he'd be shy so you would talk to him first, but he would eventually open up to you. He will be sad if he doesn't call you at least once a day when he's on busy schedule.

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