Hello everyone! ♡

In this article I'm going to tell you 20 random facts about myself. I hope you have fun reading them.


♥ 1. I have two cats

cat, animal, and cute image cat image

♥ 2. This year I started a skincare routine and I love it

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♥ 3. I' ve been taking dance lessons for 2 years and a half

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♥ 4. I like watching TV shows more than watching movies

article, netflix, and tv show image netflix, article, and series image

♥ 5. I always get obsessed with one song and listen to it a thousand times a day, until I get obsessed with a new one

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♥ 6. I'm super, super tidy

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♥ 7. My mother tongue is spanish but I think I can speak english pretty well

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♥ 8. I love pasta so much

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♥ 9. I've visited 13 different countries appart from my own

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♥ 10. I would like to learn photography

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♥ 11. I'm obsessed with the color pink

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♥ 12. I really love coffee

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♥ 13. My mum is the most important person in my life

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♥ 14. I eat way too much, and people are always suprised of how much I can eat

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♥ 15. I don't like dogs

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♥ 16. I love reading but sometimes I'm too lazy to do it

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♥ 17. I suck at most sports

adidas, Basketball, and fitness image sports and volleyball image

♥ 18. I want to move abroad

girl, sky, and travel image travel, sky, and airplane image

♥ 19. I studied french for five years, yet I can barely speak it

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♥ 20. I want to become a doctor

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Thanks for reading my article and I hope you liked it ♡
I wish all of you a great day!

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