"Color is power that directly influences the soul."
-Wassily Kandinsky

Color is nonverbal communication that can evoke emotions, set the mood, cause reactions, and inspire people in many different ways. This is a list of some associations I have with certain colors.


art, artistic, and back image book, insanity, and black image cat, black, and animal image black and white, lightning, and power image
Positives: mysterious, night, magical, elegant, dramatic, sophisticated, bold. Negatives: death, evil, depression, menacing, mourning .


girl, light, and photography image rose, flowers, and red image dress, red, and fashion image red, neon, and light image
Positives: passionate, heat, sexy, love, power, strength, desire, fire. Negatives: danger, aggression, anger,


smoke, red, and forest image sun, love, and affair image autumn, fall, and rain image Temporarily removed
Possitives: courage, autumn, friendliness, comfort, sun-baked, originality. Negatives: loud, sluggish, ignorance, scorn


Temporarily removed bear, animal, and nature image Temporarily removed food image
Positives: earthy, grounded, steady, longevity, rugged, sheltering, durable. Negatives: dogmatic, conservative, stubborn, resentful


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed yellow, paint, and van gogh image
Positives: sunshine, joyful, creativity, bright, lively, intelligence,cheering,warming. Negatives: irresponsible, unstable, caution, frantic, cowardice


gold, makeup, and face image gold, dress, and aesthetic image gold and texture image gold, grunge, and imagine dragons image
Positives: wealth, wisdom, prosperity, valuable, divine, opulent, luxury. Negatives: gaudy, self-righteous, egotistical, arrogant

Lime Green

green, food, and ice cream image green, fruit, and lemon image fireflies, long exposure, and magic image aesthetic, alternative, and blue image
Positives: fresh, youthful. energy, excitement, lively, electric. Negatives: acidic, tart, exhausting, intense, unorganized

Dark Green

Image removed art, forest, and anime image fairy, forest, and green image green, neon, and quotes image
Positives: nature, healing, fertility, reliable, money, hushed, growth, restful. Negatives: envy, jealousy, guilt, hidden feelings


colors, blue, and color image mermaid, book, and aesthetic image world, blue, and art image flowers, blue, and vintage image
Positives: protective, compassion, tropical, coolness, faithful. Negatives: bitter, erratic, vain, irrational

Light Blue

flowers, blue, and nature image turtle, ocean, and sea image Temporarily removed book, night, and neon image
Positives: tranquil, peace, quiet, sky, water, faithful, pure, heavenly. Negatives: melancholic, romanticizing bad memories, coldness, broken, long distances

Deep Blue

blau, blue, and early image blue, dark, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed alone, blue, and quotes image
Positives: introspective, clarity, authoritative, impressive, stirring, integrity. Negatives: aloof, distant, lonely, fear, isolation.


moon, purple, and night image sunset, purple, and beach image light, tree, and night image grunge, quotes, and halsey image
Positives: spiritual, sensual, visionary, magical, mysterious. Negatives:desolate, remote, sullen, heartbreak.


light, pink, and purple image art, aesthetic, and grunge image bedroom, purple, and room image halsey, quotes, and colors image
Positives: peace of mind, thoughtful, wistful, nostalgic, thoughtful. Negatives: yearning, fanciful, fragile,

Soft Pink

dress, fashion, and pink image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 globe, world, and rose gold image pink, quotes, and neon image
Positives: romantic, affection, gentle, delicate, innocent, sweet. Negatives: sentimental, fragile, saccharine.


Temporarily removed dress, fashion, and girl image cupcake, glitter, and silver image shoes, adidas, and wings image
Positives: sleek, classy, graceful, glamorous, upscale, unobtrusive, eloquent. Negatives: unsympathetic, indecisive, unimaginative.


ballet, dance, and ballerina image cat, cute, and kitten image paris, girl, and dress image Temporarily removed
Positives: pure, classic, wholesome, pristine, fresh, simplicity, clean. Negatives: naive, serious, emptiness, unnerving silence.

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