Hello everyone! Well, it´s been a long time since I've written an article so I decided to do a "favourite songs at the moment". As I said in a previous article, my taste in music is very diverse. So if you'd like to recommend some songs or a song that you really love or like, you can message me and I'll listen to it. And without further ado, here are some of my favourite songs at the moment:

24/7 - The Neighbourhood

grunge, city, and night image blue and gif image

505 - Arctic Monkeys

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Pure - Hey Violet

pink, grunge, and aesthetic image neon, aesthetic, and light image

Hoodie - Hey Violet

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Blank Space - EDEN

Temporarily removed Image by Anel Sat

Movies - Yoshi Flower

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Liability - Lorde

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Staring - Tipling Rock

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Florida Kilos - Lana del Rey

Image removed pink, aesthetic, and ocean image

The Good Side - Troye Sivan

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Woman - Harry Styles

Lyrics, quotes, and woman image aesthetic, album, and delicate image

Paris in the Rain - Lauv

paris, city, and travel image plants, city, and window image

And that was all. Thank you so much for reading my article! I hope you liked it and that we share some of our favourite songs :) Byee xoxo