Well hello people, I still cannot believe we're on March already!! but I'm happy about it, because that means spring is here, a beautiful season as I can tell, in spring everything seems beautiful, warm cool weather, at night you can watch the clear starry sky, and the best of all is that flowers bloom everywhere, everything looks cheerful and colourful..
Moving on, I'm gonna show you my "Spring" Playlist? or basically the songs I just can't stop listening at this moment, well I don't know, I just hope you enjoy the music I've listed down below, so let's get this started already...
╰☆ Troye Sivan
Image removed troye sivan, gay, and rainbow image
My My My!, The Good Side & Youth
╰☆ Sigird
beauty, girl, and photography image girl, ney york, and bautiful image
╰☆ Khalid
khalid image Harry Styles, khalid, and harry image
Saved & Coaster
╰☆ Lorde
beautiful, Ella, and shirt image Taylor Swift, lorde, and ️lorde image
╰☆ Billie Eilish
billie eilish, grunge, and billie image billie, blue eyes, and girl image
♫ My boy, Bored, Bitches broken hearts & Hostage
╰☆ Noah Cyrus
noah cyrus image girl and noah cyrus image
♫ All falls down & Again
╰☆ Grace Vanderwaal
Temporarily removed grace vanderwaal and city song image
Florets & Hope for change
╰☆ Niall Horan
niall horan image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
On The Loose & Since We're Alone
╰☆ Little Big Town or Harry Styles version (They're both amazing)
music, songs, and little big town image Harry Styles, dress, and harry image
Girl Crush
╰☆ Vance Joy
Temporarily removed curly hair, guitar, and singer image
Saturday sun (Or just listen to all his songs, you won't regret it)
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed
I went too far (Remix) & Awakening
╰☆ Grouplove
band, indie, and rock image indie, music, and grouplove image
Tongue Tied
╰☆ Fleetwood Mac
fleetwood mac image fleetwood mac, music, and rock image
╰☆ James Bay
james bay and james bay music image snl, james bay, and james bay music image
Wild Love & If you ever want to be in love
girls, indie, and music image haim, girl, and danielle image
Little of your love
╰☆ King Princess
1950, king, and music image aesthetic, alternative, and amazing image
1950, she's amazing
╰☆ Borns
music, børns, and borns image garrett borns, børns, and borns image
I don't want you back & Tension (interlude)


- Let your heart hold fast by Fort Atlantic
- I dare you by The xx
- Brazil by Declan McKenna
- Falling for u by Peachy! ft mxmtoon
- I said and Bedroom by Litany
- Pink + White by Frank Ocean
- Loving is easy by Rex Orange County
- The night we met by Lord Huron (one of my favorite songs of all time)
Hope you liked it, till then
Yours truly...
~ • Daydream Gazing • ~