This day,
This day was when my world fell apart,
When I noticed all your difficulties,
All your signs,
All of your cries for help.
This day was when I realized that I’m not gonna see you on the stage again.
And I can’t help but feel so sorry about that.
You didn’t deserved the pain you were feeling.
You were an angel that was too good for us.
We didn’t deserved you and your amazing voice.

I’m just writing this to thank you for everything you did for us and to tell you that we love you.
I hope that you’re okay and that you aren’t feeling any type of pain.
I love you, my angel.
Even if you can’t see that, I’m giving flowers to you.

SHINee, Jonghyun, and kpop image
In memory of: Kim Jonghyun-18.12.2017