Hi guys! Today I will be listing my 2018 summer bucket list! Whoever's reading this what is one thing on your summer bucket list that you would like to accomplish this summer?

-Start and finish a sketchbook
-Go to the beach/islands for a week
-Learn how to drive and get my permit
- Redo my bedroom.
- Get my first job and earn money
-Read at least four + books in a short amount of time.
- Write at least 50 articles on We heart it.
- Take more photography pictures (My photography account is @gracebaileyphotos on instagram go check it out)!!
- Create a big summer playlist with all my favorite songs.
- Go on a road trip with my best friend.
- Go on a trip to California.
-Workout and have a active summer.
-Finish all my service hours.
- Start a youtube channel

These are some of my bucket list goals. Obviously some of things will not all happen but here are some ideas. I hope y'all enjoyed this first time little article! My instagram is gracebaileyphotos if you want to check it out!
-Bailey Grace