Relationships are not easy, and although I'm not an expert on the subject, I think I can give you some tips that could help you in case your couple says...

"we need some time alone"

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1. Don’t take it personally

Men, as well as women, also go through a lot of hormonal and emotional changes that sometimes make them explode with everything that surrounds them in their life. Ask you for a time don’t necessarily mean that doesn’t love you or he want to sleep with another woman. Maybe, he really needs some time to be alone with his thoughts and so he can be well with you in the future.

2. Don’t be a drama queen

I know it hurts, but you will not win anything by doing a drama in which you end up insulting and telling a thousand things that could ruin what may happen in the future with him. If he asks you "a time" it is because he has already decided, there is no turning back.

3. Don’t try to convince him

Trying to convince him, it's as if you humiliate yourself. Breathe, cry if you want, but accept the space he wants.

4. Clarify the terms

A time doesn’t mean that the relationship has definitely ended; it is simply a period in which he wants you guys be separated. If he asks you for a time grab those pants and clarify basic things like: not going out with other people, not sleeping with others, not flirting, etc. If he doesn’t agree, then darling be brave and end that relationship.

5. Ask him to tell you how long he wants you to wait for him

I advise you to give him a period of 1 month.

6. Ask him what the reason for him to make that decision was

Tell him that it is important for you not to be left with the doubt of whether you did something that bothered him or not.

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7. Take advantage of that time and instead of using it against you ... be happy, go out and have fun!

I know it will be a bit strange and you might even feel guilty for having a good time with your friends, but darling, if you know you haven’t done anything wrong, you have no other choice. He was the one who made the decision, not you.

8. Try to have as little communication as possible

I'm not saying that you have to delete his telephone number or ignore him, it's not the idea. Just take time to see how different life is when you are without one another, both will help you to clarify your ideas.

9. Don’t harass or wax crazy

If he goes to a party, if he goes out with his friends or goes on a trip, don’t ask for explanations. Have a little patience; if you don’t do it you will begin to generate anxiety.

10. Don't give more time than agreed it

If he doesn’t want to go back with you after the agreed time, it is a clear sign that it is time for you to say good bye and turn the page.

The human being is complicated, both men and women go through different stages and that's fine. This means that not only once in our lives, but many more we will have to face different uncomfortable situations, that if we take them in a mature way they will make us grow and know better the type of person we are.