Hello, even though march is not over yet, here it is a music playlist with all my love ♡ i hope you like it!

stargazing (feat vancouver sleep clinic) by gnash

music, sad, and sky image Temporarily removed

feelings are fatal by mxmtoon

rose, aesthetic, and flowers image heart, neon, and light image

escape - acoustic by kehlani

everything everything and movie image kehlani and orange image

home with you by madison beer

Image removed madison beer, model, and madisonbeer image

lost for words by plested

band, favourite, and free image background, book, and sky image

a teenager's romance by ricky nelson

Temporarily removed Image removed

the good side by troye sivan

Image by daddy moth ana Temporarily removed

from the dining table by harry styles

Image by blastawayok Harry Styles, harry, and one direction image

lemonade - ukelele version by jeremy passion

aesthetic, drink, and fresh image yellow, aesthetic, and guitar image

known by tauren wells

flowers, sky, and sunflower image guitar, music, and grunge image

nervous by the neighbourhood

Image removed the neighbourhood and jesse rutherford image

normal by sasha sloan

Image removed black, blue, and brown image

crush by souly had

Darkness, follow, and makeup image crush, neon, and quotes image

santa monica dream by angus & julia stone

angus and julia stone and music image angus and julia stone image

settle down by the 1975

the 1975, music, and band image the 1975, band, and grunge image

there is a cloud (acoustic) by elevation worship

band, blue, and lights image flowers, book, and bible image

want by angus maude

car, travel, and sunglasses image Temporarily removed

cold water by conor maynard

blue, theme, and ocean image Temporarily removed

By the way, you can found it in my spotify acc, and probably i'm going to put more songs, so go follow it → https://open.spotify.com/user/almendramunategui/playlist/7wwvSW6PRaPiqAz7vlXVNP?si=Qk4zV9hzSYmmAkJPoO9cfw