Hi! As the end of the year is nearing, lots of people start slacking in school and on homework. Procrastination tends to tie into this issue as well, so I am going to share tips with you on how to quit procrastinating. Fun fact: I do not actually procrastinate any more with work! :) If any of these work, please heart this/give a reaction and follow.

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  • *Get a good night's sleep.* You'll be more focused throughout the day with 8-9 hours of sleep, which will cause you to be more productive. Drink water in the morning to help you wake up.
  • *Write work down in your planner.* When you forget homework, it'll lower your grade. It does not relate too much to procrastinating, but it's important.
  • *Eat healthy.* It's really important these next few months for summer, and eating healthy will increase your alertness and help you pay attention better.
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  • *Don't wait until the last minute.* I know it's hard, but you will have more time when you do not wait until the last day. Work on your work or project, whatever it is, as soon as you find out. A little practice on this will go a long way.
  • *Ask for help.* Most people decide to be lazy and put work off until it's too late if they don't understand it. I did it too. Don't be afraid to ask, because your teachers are there to help you learn(if they're decent teachers haha)
  • *Remember that work is sloppy at the end.* When you're waiting until the last minute, you tend to slack work off, and then you'll get bad grades. More work=higher grades!
  • *Look at studyblr pictures.* For those who don't know what they are, they are inspirational studying/school photos that are tumblr quality or from tumblr. They're really inspirational. Look at these and remember your goal! I'll put some studyblr pics down below.
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I hope these helped you! Please dm me at @lustfultears if you need more advice on procrastination, and I will message you asap and do my best to help you. I wish each and every one of you good luck on final exams, etc. _Keep going, Hearters! I believe in you!