Hey! I made this one around the same time as my previous spoken word poem!

Society can be a menace
There's a lot of prejudice
About what people wear, what they do, how people
wear their hair, what they got on for shoes
This poem is for those who think wearing what's popular is cool, acting like that's you, but when it comes to your true self and your follower self, you can't even tell who's who!
Sometimes you act like we in a court and you gotta judge people
Just to satisfy your overgrown ego-
it's okay, though, 'cause we know
That that's what's normal for you- That that's what you gotta do...
To make yourself feel better
But don't label me
Don't put me in a box
'Cause when you do that you're silencing me-
filling my mouth up with socks
Don't label me
'Cause when you do that you're acting like I'm a product...at a store- like my personality can be bought and sold-
Don't judge me
'Cause when you do that it's like I... am in a Judge Judy show,
and I can't do anything but stand there and listen
while YOU stand there, satisfied, taller, and you glisten

But I'm not gonna cry. Or whine, or even ask why!
because I don't need to know why for me to know that from your words, I will not die
I will not be controlled--I will be BOLD
I am not a remote-controlled car-I've hidden the controller.
So you cannot keep me hidden, I will shine like I'm solar.

Don't judge me

Because you're wasting your breath
I am not in an 18-century court being discussed life or death
For it is when I am me that I am most alive
It is when I am me that I can always thrive,
Hopefully... One day hopefully it is when I am me that in society,
I can survive

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