hogwarts house

Temporarily removed quotes, emotions, and intellect image ravenclaw, wisdom, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
ravenclaw of course!

ilvermorny house

flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image bird, aesthetic, and plants image heart, art, and flowers image bottle, happiness, and hufflepuff image
pukwudgie, the cutest ilvermorny house


Temporarily removed dragon image Temporarily removed aesthetic, newt scamander, and fantastic beast image
cypress wood with a dragon heartstring core, 13 ½" (34,3 cm), hard flexibility


grunge, forest, and snow image harry potter image Temporarily removed light, magic, and trees image

pet at hogwarts

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

favourite spells

fuck and fly image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It flowers, grunge, and aesthetic image
avis:propells birds from wand, incendio:lights objects on fire, lumos:creates light, orchideous:conjures flowers

favourite subjects

Temporarily removed book, harry potter, and aesthetic image
charms, and history of magic

favourite creatures

Temporarily removed unicorn, rainbow, and sea image

favourite place at hogwarts

architecture and blue image Temporarily removed grunge, dark, and water image Temporarily removed
ravenclaw common room, and the black lake

amortentia smell

ash, camel, and smoke image blue flowers, flower, and hyacinth image bunny, rabbit, and green image art and paint image
cigarette smoke, hyacinth, rabbits for some reason lmao, and oil paint

favourite female character

gif, harry potter, and home image harry potter, weasley, and molly weasley image harry potter and molly weasley image Temporarily removed

favourite male character

Abusive image werewolf and harry potter image blue eyes, boy, and scars image harry potter and remus lupin image
remus lupin!