Hello there!

First of all, probably you're here because you're curious of me, or the pictures I'll post. So thank you for being here!


fashion, flannel, and outfit image fashion, style, and black image anarchy, black and white, and punk rock image piercing, tattoo, and earrings image nirvana, rock, and metal image black, guns, and Guns N Roses image
Kind of the mixture of punk, average, vintage, rock, alternative etc...


internet, grunge, and quotes image alien, love, and grunge image school, artist, and art image art, quote, and 🎨 image black, grunge, and kids image pink, touch, and grunge image grunge, boy, and feminism image grinch, christmas, and help image
very very introvert, like to have internet friends:), into song lyrics and deep quotes how bad our society is, addicted to 80s


music, disney, and punk image music, grunge, and nirvana image Inspiring Image on We Heart It paradise city, Guns N Roses, and paradise image Pink Floyd, music, and band image Mature image Image by Haichel Aldana Queen, don't stop me now, and Freddie Mercury image
I love metal, rock, punk rock but guns n' roses and nirvana are my favourites, I love Sid Vicious


5sos, band, and band member image 80s, glam, and los angeles image los angeles, sunset strip, and 80s+glam+rock image world, quotes, and travel image world, travel, and light image girl, drums, and music image
to see the world, be the drummer in a punk rock band, live in LA, travel the most

TV shows/ Movies

stranger things and vintage image quentin tarantino, cinema, and film image carrie fisher, star wars, and princesa leia image harry potter, girl power, and feminism image bitch, teletubbies, and funny image laugh, how i met your mother, and funny image johnny depp, helena bonham carter, and movies image disney, gif, and gifs image
food, healthy, and avocado image food, avocado, and bagel image sushi, food, and fish image food, chocolate, and nutella image camera, coffee, and drink image Image by — goddess ♡

Drinks/Foods I would die for sushi and avocado, especially sushi with avocado, but I love eggs too and fruits! The only thing I don't like is meat.


photography, camera, and vintage image ballet, dancer, and life image axl rose image guitar, grunge, and music image music, black and white, and black image drummer, drums, and instruments image art, van gogh, and monet image coffee, drawing, and art image

Okay, I know i'm a mess. But I think I like being a mess. Hope you liked the pics! You can follow me on Instagram and if you are a mess too or if you're not, we still can be friends:)