i can't it's more than my forces , it's not a feeling of desperation , i am the desperation ! my hands are chained with a chain that "I" designed with lots of little lies and flowers around ! everything is moving away from me ,my soul , my dreams , the heat in me is cooling , i'm empty ,upset, faded! like all hapiness was gone far away , the misfortune too !

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i crush the feelings , i choke them ! i can hear them suffocate , but the truth is it's my screams that wants to be heard !

Temporarily removed

Oh no ! the voices are back again ! my head is full of them ! they are here growing up and becoming hurricanes , enveloping me , circling me , unlike others hurricans this one is not widenning , but it is tightening , crashing me on him to the point of exploding my veins , and i let him do that , i don't move , i just see the blood flows in me like tears of someone lost forever .

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