Hi guys! I watch a lot of Netflix in my free time and have come across some pretty amazing shows. Here are a couple of popular ones along with my opinion on what works and what doesn't. Hope you like it!


what I like: The show has lovely aesthetics. I enjoy its twists and dramatic storylines. Each character is different and goes somewhat well with the comics. Cheryl and her contrast to the show.

what I don't like: It has way too many storylines. Some are finished badly and others are just left open-ended. The acting isn't great and the script is poor which doesn't help. The romantic relationships in the show are totally forced.

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what I like: Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics. The plot and script are weak sometimes but overall pretty solid and entertaining. I love the suspense and plot twists. Strong female leads.

what I don't like: Some of the acting could be better. Most of the men are hella irritating. I'm picky but a few of the outfits don't feel very middle-age style and cheap.

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Vampire Diaries

what I like: The characters are amazing. Throughout the show, the acting gets really good. Seasons 1-6 are solid it is very refreshing. Every single plot twist. The relationships are beautiful even if you don't like the people in them.

what I don't like: Plot lines are re-used a lot. The dialogue can be cheesy. It only has a few strong villains the others seem useless. Seasons 7-8 were a disappointment.

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Stranger Things

what I like: This show is near flawless. The plot, characters, relationships, script, and acting is solid. I love how consistent the delivery of everything in the show is throughout each episode. Scary but just the right balance.

what I don't like: Season 2 episode 7 is dull and completely ruins the hype/build up from previous episodes.

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Anne With An E

what I like: Beautiful cinematography and characters. The acting was good. The actors all had very nice chemistry and portrayed their characters accurately in the books.

what I don't like: While it is a gorgeous series the plot can get boring. The order of episodes and events were confusing a little bit. Towards the end of the series is when it starts to get good.

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The Originals

what I like: The action scenes are great. I love the contrast between the characters and the acting is amazing. There are some really solid villains and plots. I love that it's in New Orleans, the setting just really emphasizes the themes and good parts of the show.

what I don't like: It can really drag if there isn't a good plot. When there are cameos of old characters from Vampire Diaries I don't feel it does them justice. Some plot lines make the show hard to get into. I hate how underrated this show is.

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Once Upon A Time

what I like: The main cast's acting is good. Strong ass female leads. I admire how complex the plot and relationships are. The first couple of seasons are great. Season 1-3 have amazing plots.

what I don't like: The CGI is pretty awful. Too many plot lines and a lot of them and are disposable along with most of the characters besides the main cast. Kind of like a big product placement for Disney which can get annoying. Way too many people come back to life.

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thats all sorry it was so long I had a lot to say. I have many more shows so if you want a part 2 let me know. thank you for reading!