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I didn't post a 'FASHION TRENDS : February 2018' as the pieces of clothing and style was very similar to January and there wouldn't be much to talk about. I'll probably post an article in this series every other month unless theres a huge change in the trends going around.


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I've noticed that golden jewellery has been really trendy throughout the months. Especially golden earrings, necklaces and rings. They also bring together outfits ready well ; if you style them correctly then it'll make your whole outfit look quite luxurious.

Wearing golden jewellery wether it's a watch, bracelets or choker can bring a nice contrast to your outfit. I find that golds work well with black leather and denim. If you have medium skin tone like me, then golds, brass and rose gold metals will compliment your skin.

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As we're approaching the spring and summer seasons - I say that as snow falls outside my window...literally - that means that more summery thinner material clothes will start being worn. All over shops and on models have been these tie up crop tops.

These tops are perfect to wear when the weather gets warmer. I would style these with denim shorts and golden jewellery. It give your outfit a super cute and girly touch.

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Off the shoulder tops have made a comeback last year in 2017 however they've been an on and off going trend since the mid 1880's . Although this trend is still really popular despite the winter weather, I've seen people wearing cropped ribbed off the should tops more than the average off the shoulder top.

I personally love this item of clothing and i think it's perfect to wear in the transition of spring to summer and into summer.

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Ruffle detailing on shirts, dresses, trousers etc. make any outfit look so put together and elegant. It's such a cute trend and gives off 18th century vintage vibes but of course, depending on how you style it, you can make it very modern too.

I prefer smaller ruffle detailing on clothing as to giant big ruffles but both styles give off an amazing effect. It can give a very fashionable edge to a pair of jeans or any piece of clothing you wear it with.

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This is one of the most simple yet effective trends. Logos, logos , logos! Logos on items on clothing are everywhere. This was really popular back in the 80's / 90's. But it's made a huge comeback in the fashion industries with brands plastering their logos on t-shirts and sweaters.

You'd normally see brand's logo on belts, handbags and jewellery but not much on clothing however now, almost every high end brand has their logo on a basic t-shirt. I love this trend and it's so easy to style it and you can't go wrong with a logo tee.

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