What can I say, I wanted to write yet another article and tried putting together an alphabet of things / places on my travel bucket list. That is what I came up with (of course I want to see / do more things for each letter but those were the first things that popped to my mind 😝) I hope you enjoy this article 💕

A - visit the Acropolis in Athens

B - travel through Brazil

C - Have crêpes for breakfast in Paris

D - go to Disneyland

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E - kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower

F - go to the French Quarter in New Orleans

G - see the Golden Gate bridge

H - go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando and the Harry Potter studios in London

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I - do island hopping in Greece

J - visit Jerusalem

K - go on a safari in Kenya

L - visit the Louvre in Paris

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M - see Machu Picchu

N - visit New York City

O - spend a holiday in Oia, Santorini

P - party in Las Vegas

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Q - go to Qingdao

R - go on a roller coaster in a Six Flags park

S - visit the Sistine Chapel

T - see Taj Mahal

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U - USA road trip

V - visit Vatican City and the Vatican Museums

W - eat Belgian waffles

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X - spend Xmas in a foreign country

Y - visit York, England

Z - go zorbing and zip-lining somewhere abroad

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Thanks for reading 💕

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