I have been reading a lot of 13
(or 10,20,30, etc.) facts about me tags. I thought they were fun and you can get to know that person better. So why not do this tag too? I am doing 10 facts about me.

Fact number 01

I love winter, it is my favorite season. In this season happens so much! Christmas, snow, my birthday, the birthday of my best friend, new year, and I love to wear jumpers and boots

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Fact number 02

I am from The Netherlands. I think my country sucks, but I have to admit some countries are worse. Another funny fact is that I hate Amsterdam, I do not understand why people love Amsterdam so much.. I can suggest you some other cities that I love: Utrecht, Den Haag, Scheveningen

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Fact number 03

I am a Pisces, that means I can be creative and sensitive (those are the things i could come up with, but of course there are more). I love Zodiac Signs and astronomy.

Fact number 04

I love France and the language French, basicly everything that has something to do with France. My family is from France, which I am very proud of. I love little villages in south France.

Fact number 05

I am a Feminist. Who runs the world? Girls! As a little girl I never understood why I could not do particular things, such as football or becoming a pilote. Now I am a proud supporter of feminism and I will fight for my rights and for the righst of others.

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Fact number 06

I LOVEEEE Beyoncé She is so strong, powerful, beautiful and kind. Who doesn't love Beyoncé!? I love her since I was (I think) 4 years old, I remember starring at the television and saying 'Wow mom I want to be her when I am grown up' .

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Fact number 07

I love music from the 80's and 90's. I love Micheal Jackson, Prince, George Micheal, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Queen, The Police and so much more!

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Fact number 08

I love photography. I enjoy taking pictures of nature, old houses, landscapes, people, myself, art and I love to take pictures of buildings.

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Fact number 09

I hate negativity. I want to have positive people around me, sadly there are negative people around me that I can not let go because I know them since I am born... But I am trying to do my best to not let them effect my mood.

Fact number 10

I am a girl who is very stressfully ( I am not sure if this is a right sentence, but you understand what I mean right?). I stress before something even has happend, I stress when I have to do a lot for school, I stress about what people think of me, I stress about what I am wearing that day. Just to clarify this, I am always stressed.

Of course there are more facts about me, but I think this is enough for today.
I hope you enjoyed reading this. Au revoir! (Bye, I will see you soon)

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