Hello everyone,
This article was inspired by some amazing aesthetic and color themed article I have been seeing lately. It is a series of pictures for every color on the color wheel. Read the articles below and enjoy!

art, beauty, and colour image nature, forest, and waterfall image balloons, blue, and mint image aesthetic, clouds, and sky image happy, phrase, and quote image flowers, sunflower, and yellow image Image by 👑 Image by kylieblenk flowers, orange, and summer image cars, vintage, and orange image quotes, boy, and galaxy image moon, purple, and stars image lips, red, and glitter image red, aesthetic, and silk image pink, cute, and aesthetic image luxury image pink, food, and pretzel image aesthetic, alternative, and clothing image wallpaper, pink, and quotes image girl, summer, and sea image aesthetic, clouds, and Lyrics image moon, sky, and night image grunge, converse, and jeans image appearance, quote, and beautiful image