hi everybody, i hope you had a great day. in this article i wanted to share with you some tips on how to look fashionable.

1. wear sunglasses

fashion, sunglasses, and chanel image blonde, girl, and hair image face, girls, and makeup image sunglasses, fashion, and paris image

2. wear a crossbody bag

fashion, girl, and style image fashion, girl, and outfit image bag, Balenciaga, and blackandwhite image fashion, style, and chanel image

3. wear your jacket on you shoulders

gigi hadid, model, and outfit image Image by sündos fashion, style, and black image fashion, outfit, and style image

4. wear a hat

fashion, girl, and style image girl, fashion, and black image Image removed fashion, models, and style image

5. jewelleries

fashion, necklace, and jewelry image fashion, jewelry, and accessories image stars, fashion, and jewelry image earrings, accessories, and jewelry image

6. go for heels

shoes, fashion, and aesthetic image fashion, shoes, and heels image fashion, shoes, and style image fashion style glamour, outfits inspiration, and nails bags shoes image

7. blazers

fashion, outfit, and classy image Image removed Temporarily removed Image removed

8. belts

fashion, gucci, and style image Image by r a c h e l fashion, style, and girl image Mature image

9. slicked back hair

Image removed Image removed blonde girl, blue eyes, and model image Image removed

i hope you find this article helpful!
lots of love, emma

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