Many times loving yourself becomes synonymous with selfishness or self-centeredness.
Well that's not always the case... Just because i love myself and i stand by my opinions, and decisions does not mean that i think that i'm superior than others...

Everyone should love themselves and in order to do that you need to start seeing yourself with your own eyes....definetely not with someone else's eyes!

Don't listen all the mean comments that have as a target your hapiness!
They really are trying to just feel good about themselves... they are trying, and they "feed" of your tears... Please just STOP listen to them, and try to see all the POSITIVES you have... And the negatives, which everyone have... no one is perfect, just try to fix them so you can become the better version of yourself!
And when i say negatives, i don't in any situation, refer to appearence!

Because what really matters is your soul and your behaviour... Because if you think about it, a girl/guy who i good looking, could start talking and say so many stupid things,non-wise or whatsoever...And again that is not always tha case because everyone is diferrent...What i'm trying to say is that if you want to change something...then try to change your inner self for the best!!!

I don't know if i made any sense, but i've been told that i give good advice and i just want to help as many people as i can...and by writting articles i hope i can do this!!!

If you reached can sent me a message(if you want) and tell me that i kinda helped you, and if you would like me to post another article about a spesific topic...