Okay, so this is my second article in one day? Crazy, but crazier still is how easy that was. To think that for like, 2 years, I was avoiding blogging because I couldn't think of anything to say, and now it's like I have a million ideas bouncing around my head all at once.

I've been really sick this week, and I feel like I can speak for everyone when I say that being sick really makes you feel like... an egg (you know when you just feel like an egg? Yeah, you know). Not a cool time.

It's also mad easy to fall into a rut when you're sick. I mean really, you're pretty much stuck inside, most likely cuddled up on your bed or on the couch, just watching Netflix. Maybe drinking some tea but probably just eating junk food. No judgment here, we've all done it.
And it's so much easier to fall into a rut than it is to get back out of one. Not for long though.

Here is my (basically) fool-proof method for getting out of a rut.

1. Get out of bed.
You know how when you wake up, you just turn over and go back to sleep? Yeah, we're not doing that today. When you wake up, sit up and streeeetttcchhh your sleepy body out. It feels good, and you'll feel more awake.

2. Drink some water.
You're probably rolling your eyes at me because this is such a basic tip and everyone says it. Well stop that, everyone says it because it's true. I like to put some lemon in my water, but regular water is obviously fine too. Some people even put apple cider vinegar in their water (nasty).

3. Do something active!
If you wanna get in a crazy sweat session, I'm not stopping you, go do that. Totally doesn't have to be that intense though, it can be something way more chill, like yoga, or a 10-minute workout, or taking your dog out for a walk. If you're feeling super lazy, maybe go check the mail or something small that requires you to walk.

4. Have a healthy breakfast.
Step away from the cereal... try something different today. I like making smoothies for breakfast because you can really throw a bunch of stuff in there and it will all taste pretty good. For example, I put in a bunch of fruit, like 5 handfuls of spinach, and then use chocolate almond milk as my liquid. Guess what, it tastes exactly like chocolate milk, but I'm still eating a bunch of fruit and veggies. #lifehack

5. Set a goal.
This is the most important part. You really only need to set one goal, just one thing that you want to accomplish that day. Over time, you'll start making these lists a little longer, but you don't have to rush into that. It feels gooooooodd getting things done, so good that you'll want to keep doing it.

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Now, repeat this process. Repeat it for a week, for a month, for the rest of your life. These are the most basic tips ever, but it's all you need to get yourself out of a rut. Each and every one of these tips can be expanded. Maybe you'll start waking up and doing some meditation, followed by a great workout, and some fresh pancakes, and then you're gonna complete 10 goals in one day. Kill it. You can do this.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave them here, I've got some answers.

Thanks for reading!

- Raye