Here the Day 11 of the 30 days writing challenge of @themermaidwriter:

Day 11 | Write a letter to your 8 years old self

Dear Maria,

I'm you from 2018. I bet that where you are in 2007 it's not that bad, isn't?
Nothing it's like you imagined. You're not skinny, you don't have so much friends, you're too scared to do an audition, but what matter is that you still alive or not?
The things are so much differents now. You met so much fake and mean people. But let's go with order and tell you what happend in this 11 years. WOW 11 years I didn't realised it was so much time.
I will tell you the most important that happend in this time. When you where 9 Oma and Opa died, she 'cause a Heart attack and him 'cause a seizure. When you where 12 you all moved to Switzerland, you did suffer so much that you got depressed and when you where 16 you attempt suiced but Dani saved you, but she doesn't know.
When you had 14 years mom and dad got divorced and she got a new boyfriend which you didn't like but fortunately I lived in spain.
If I could give you an advice would be don't trust so much people only few of them is sincere.
Don't prefer your father over your mother, he isn't like he seems,
don't dyed your hair blond it will ruin your hair and you'll cut it,
my last advice would be to controll yourself with the food and convice you mother to go to the gym or do some sport, belive me if you don't you'll regret it.

Take care of you my dear

love, yourself from the future

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