This is my second article for the day(feeling inspired)

This is for my ex. The first guy I really opened up to.
You did not brake me. You disappointed me, angered me, slut-shamed me, yes.
But brake me you did not. You might have lowered my walls, but did not brake them.
You were (and still are) the most selfish person I know. And there's just I few things I feel you should know.

You used me:
From the first day we met, you used me. In our relationship it was always about you.
And I was so blinded about the feeling of liking someone and so afraid that I would lose this, that I went along with it. I was only someone to fulfill you're needs. You only wanted me when it suited you and got annoyed with me when it did not suite you that I was there. And you know exactly what you took from me: My self worth, my confidence and a part of my innocence.

You made me feel small:
Even though we were together you made me feel insecure. You would talk about one of our friends ( you know who) and express how she was you're ultimate goal as a girlfriend. And I just ignored it, because I was insecure already. You would go on and on about how beautiful she is, and smart and funny and express every little quirk about her that you liked as if you watch her daily. You would even greet her with more affection than you greeted me. You made me envy her. Made me envy one of my close friends, just because I knew in my heart you would rather have her if you could.

And finally,
You slut-shamed me:
After we were done, we weren't in that bad of a place. We would great each other still and have a laugh. Until that one night I went out and bumped into you and you're friends a night out. You invited me to sit with you guys, so I did. We laughed and took the piss out go each other and everything was fine, until one of you're friends mentioned you're car. That stupid car. You know exactly what it represents and yet you felt the need to tell you're friends about it. Weeks after they still think of me as a slut and as the word spreads of a story twisted by each mouth it passes by, I continue to lose more and more respect. All, because of a made up story about you, me and a car. Even though you know what really happened that night. But it's another classic case of your word against mine, isn't it?

So in the end all I have to say to you is that I'm fine. I've moved on and grown.
And I don't want you to hurt anymore, I'm over it.

I would just advise you, to start being real.
Love, me