Yes, this is a style,
You've created as a shield.
Many times you have cried,
Knowing how these things feel.

Unaccepted since day one,
That's why is living for.
I do believe that none
Has ever seen such damaged soul.

It's so fucking different
Deep down in my head.
How long have I spent
Trying not to become mad?

If there was no tragedy,
There would be no art.
Wouldn't have been ready,
Wouldn't be able to write.

This is how you look,
When someone destroys your world.
I am so glad you took
Fear of being unheard.

I will never be afraid
To express myself each time.
You started this game
And I've got nothnig to hide.

Light is easy to love,
I've showed dark side as well.
Yes I am satisfied
Is everything I can tell.