➳ You sometimes get mistaken as a child and that means cheaper prices.

➳ There is no need to worry that blankets will be too short to cover you.

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➳ You always get to stand in the front when taking group photos.

➳ No one asks you to carry stuff for them because they assume that short means weak.

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➳ You can wear whatever heels you want and still not tower over people.

➳ The limbo is super easy for you.

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➳ You are able to turn long t-shirts into dresses.

➳ While other people may worry about having a bat in the cave, you don’t have to worry because no one can see up your nose.

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➳ You get to scare the s**t out of people when walking to your car because they just assume that you are too young to drive and are probably stealing your parent’s car.

➳ Since your legs are shorter you have less leg to shave compared to others.

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➳ You can ignore the caution low ceiling signs because, let’s be honest, you’re not going to hit your head.

➳ You never have to worry about shower heads being too low when staying in hotel rooms.

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➳ There is more leg room for you on public transport.

➳ Your calves look great due to constantly standing on your tip toes.

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➳ You don’t really have to worry about being taller than your S.O.

➳ People sometimes think you are younger than you are which can be a good thing as you get older.

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➳ You don’t have to worry about being that annoying person that blocks everyone’s view in the cinema.

➳ You have really good upper body strength from reaching up all the time.

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➳ You get to save money when shopping because sometimes stuff in the kid’s section fits you.

➳ Sometimes people offer to help you reach things and it’s kind of nice.

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