I thought for a much more splendid introduction, but I'm so excited to start the article (I'll make a short and quick introduction) ,so I just wanna thank you so much for the miracle that happened of a few weeks ago: 1000 followers. No more comments,no more thoughts,no more introductions.

Outfit #1

fashion, coat, and style image
Coat - Stripe T shirt - Boyfriend Jeans (on a vintage color and style) - Leather belt - Vans.
fashion, style, and jeans image fashion and minimal image fashion image fashion, vans, and style image

Outfit #2

fashion, style, and hair image
Denim Jacket - T shirt - Purse - Trousers - Converse -
fashion, romee strijd, and outfit image fashion, red, and style image fashion, converse, and shoes image Temporarily removed

Outfit #3

fashion, style, and outfit image
Shirt - Skirt - A small leather belt - Purse - Accessories - Heels
fashion, girl, and style image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, girl, and jeans image accessories, details, and earrings image

Outfit #4

fashion and style image
(Vintage)Sunglasses - Oversize Hoodie - Pants - Fishnets (I don't know if that's what they're called, but they look like fishnets) - Sneakers - Accessories - Leather Belt (Moschino)
article, champion, and style image sunglasses, fashion, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image fishnets, fur, and legs image

Outfit #5

fashion, feminist, and girl image
T shirt - Accessories (Glasses, Jewelry) - Office Pants - Heels
fashion, gucci, and outfit image Image removed shoes, fashion, and boots image earrings, gold, and jewelry image

Outfit #6

fashion, style, and outfit image
Cozy Sweater - Leather Jacket - Trousers (or something else,like a very wide skirt) - Vans - Purse
fashion, outfit, and style image accessories, fashion, and girl image fashion image fashion, style, and flowers image


So, that's it, guys ! I really enjoyed writing this article and I'll probably do one for each season.


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