i tried to be as global as possible x

my name : bronagh
pronounciation = bro-nah

B -
BROOKLYN, United States of America

bridge, Brooklyn, and new york image Image removed
city, building, and travel image

R -

iceland image reykjavik image
adventure, iceland, and passaport image

O -
OXFORD, England

oxford university image london, oxford, and photo image
oxford and christ church college image

N -

Image by LuxuryQueen Image by LuxuryQueen
Image by LuxuryQueen

A -
AUCKLAND, New Zealand

auckland, cityscape, and new zealand image auckland, beautiful, and new image
photography and auckland city image

G -
GIZA, Egypt

beautiful, egypt, and view image egypt, pyramid, and sunset image
egypt, pyramid, and cairo image

H -

winter, snow, and finland image christmas, finland, and winter image
architecture, people, and photography image