I previously started the #YouAreNotAloneProgram, a program where you can reach out and find help.
In this program, all you need to do is share your story and give your advice or tips that might help others.
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The first story to be shared in this program is Es:

Well, here's my story, I don't know how to start this, but I'll try. I was always the guy who nobody cared about. Some pretended to care but it was never genuine. The guy at the back who didn't talk to anyone.
I had no one I could call a real friend.
I was worried so I tried to socialize and make friends but it never worked...
Everyone passed by me without even noticing my presence.
I have had too many problems with my family, with my friends, with love, with just everything, to the point where I simply wanted to disappear.
I stopped liking my life, stopped caring about myself, school, friends everything...
I was on the verge of killing myself several times, and today I still think about it. I write this because I want to be able to help people who have gone through the same or any other type of problem.
We want to help you, listen to you, let you know that you are not alone. because you aren't.
i am not completely over this yet, but I have some tips that might help you guys get through:

  • Reading is a wonderful escape from reality when everything becomes too intense. It takes you to different worlds that positively alter your mood.
  • Writing is also a wonderful way to make you feel better. Seeing your feelings and emotions and problems on paper make them seem smaller which helps you deal with them more smoothly.
  • sleeping, as simple and silly as that seems, helps too. napping for 15 mins, not more, helps boost your mood. but don't sleep more, you will wake up grumpy. sleeping a full 8 hours at night also helps.

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That was Es story...
If you relate to E and would like to contact him for more advice or s to simply vent:


If you guys want to share your story and help others too please do not hesitate in contacting me.
This will help not only you but also others.
You will vent and trust me when others reach out to you and support you you will be over the moon.
It is such a wonderful feeling to reach out and help others out...

And if any of you guys feel lonely or are struggling, do not hesitate in contacting me, I would love to listen to you and try to help you...

Stay strong.
Stay you.

Lots of love,

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