Tbh, my fav part of the day is when I choose my outfit of the day. So, today I want to start posting every sunday an article that will inspire you in your next week.

Warning: In my country it is summer (almost fall) so my outfits can be a lit bit different for people from the North, but can add (or avoid) jackets or some accesories.


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Something simple like a beige tank can completely change with a jacket. Tip, if one of your shoulders are off, your look will look trendy and cool.


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A stripped crop top paired with ripped jeans it is the most trendy style!


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Wear a black tee with black shorts. The hair collected add a bit of style.


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Basic but trendy, i have to say these words. A beige tank with a bralette is so sexy, and paired with jeans and a cardigan, is a plus!


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Best known as party day, friday is the best day of the week. Wear a flower pattern dress, with black knee boots. Make yourself a lower bun and add a trendy pair of sunglasses.


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After a day of party, we need to chill. Put yourself on some black pants or leggins and a grey hoodie. Use your hair health and basic but comfort shoes.

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