I'm Raye, a once hobby blogger turned... nothing. I really just fell off the wagon, which is a major bummer because I actually really enjoy blogging and telling stories about my life and sharing things that I'm into.

Well, it's been long enough - this marks the beginning of a new era, where I'll actually put effort and consistency into creating content that is interesting and fun to read.

A little bit about me?

I'm 20 years old, and I live in Toronto with my boyfriend Richie. I'm an English major at Ryerson University and I'm really good at getting great marks on essays that I made up on the spot (I can teach you that). I also love fashion - I live for trendspotting and putting together interesting outfits. I've recently started DIY-ing and making some of my own clothes, which is like, so fun and makes me feel like a trendsetter.

I want to share stories about things I do and crazy people I meet, I want to share reviews of amazing food and binge-worthy TV shows. I want to share tips on how to improve your style, and how to improve your life in general (ok, getting a little ahead of myself here).

Do you like these ideas? Thoughts, comments, concerns? Leave them here, I've got some answers :)

- Raye