I did everything to help you, i took you to places that everyone thought were impossible to reach, i made you go through unimaginable experiences, i was the only person who saw how you were and tried to reverse the situation, but you never realized.
The happy person of old times doesn’t exist anymore, you were so drowned in your sea of sadness and drama that when i tried to pull you from there, i ended up sinking along with you.
You never realized, never. You’ve always thought just in yourself and in how your life sucks, so much that you didn’t realize that i’ve always been here, by your side, ready to try to make you happy.
When you finally realize that, i’ll still be here, believe me, you’ll see me, i’ll still be trying to save you, but i probably will not be the same, i’ll just be another person drowned in you sea of sadness.

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Feelings are Fatal - mxmtoon

I'm happy for you,

I'm smiling for you

I'd do anything for you,

For you

It’s always for you

And never for me

And i need it to stop,

So let me tell you please

I’m always sad,

And i’m always lonely

But i can’t tell you

That i’m breaking slowly

Closed doors,

Locked in, no keys

Kepping my feelings hidden,

There is no ease

I need it to stop,

And i want to be able

To open up, but

My feelings are fatal...

My feelings are fatal.