i'm really no makeup professional by any means, but i figured it would be nice to share some tips for my girlies (and any of you boys!) who need an easy and quick daily routine...

bb cream

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i use a little bb cream, because it is less harsh than foundation and has moisturising properties. it is true that the coverage isn't as good as foundation, but who fking cares tbh. it saves time, and gives reasonable coverage in my opinion. it sets in quickly, and gives u that glow! dam girl


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considering i have bangs and you can't really see my eyebrows most of the time anyways, i like to follow the natural 'korean style' straight brow look. now, i know this doesn't appeal to a lot of people and there are so other many shapes and styles. for me, it is convenient because they don't require a lot of product - i use pencil and a little concealer - but still look pretty cute to me! there are many tutorials for this, and you can play around with shape, colour etc., everyone is different.


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i don't wear a lot of highlight - a little on my cheeks and on my nose to give That Dewy Look


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i personally live for blush! but i know it's not really popular at the moment, so if you wanna skip this step that's ok. i apply it near the edge of my face, so it just reaches the apples of my cheeks in a sorta triangular shape? and in coral. yummy


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i often use pink/coral (whichever matches my blush!) eyeshadow and apply it softly around my eyes. a little mascara too, and u be looking cute asf in no time


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tbh, i used to wear red lipstick everyday smh don't ask why. after awhile, i clocked that there isn't much point since it fades anyways. mostly i just wear vaseline or a light pink lipstick, but gloss could also work too. don't put too much effort into this step


yeah soooo that's pretty much it, my makeup routine for us lazy/untalented gals and guys. have fun with it, and don't take my advice too seriously