Yesterday I started a challenge. And I'm still going with it, wow. Everyone is shook haha.
See the first article here:

What's today all about: Day 2. "Make a list of five things that make you happy."

I have in fact always struggled with identifying happiness. What is happiness, what do you do in order to be happy, is it about people or things, or is it within you? Do someone born happy or choose to be happy? Wow this turned into philosophy real fast.

Overall I may not have found a respectable identification of happiness, but I learned that life is not very respectable at times as well. If you think about something smiling a week later, or if you feel like your heart is calm whatsoever in the hustle and bustle of this world, I'd say hold onto it.

Also being sad is super-duper okay. If we would never get sad, how could we understand the value of happiness? We wouldn't because it wouldn't exist. Everything exists with their opposite. Just like night and day. If our 24 days consisted of only night no one would wait eagerly for sun to rise, sunshine to dance on their body. You understand what I mean, I'm sure.

Here's My Happy List!

1- Hanging Out With My Friends

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I appreciate loneliness but spending time with my friends is a different thing. If it's a splendid art gallery I've been wanting for days to visit, if it's the shittiest place ever, great people make everything better. Just being with them, seeing them happy makes me happy also.

2- Making My Baby Brother Laugh

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Even if I'm in the worst mood ever, If he's laughing, I'm laughing. A baby's laugh is the purest thing ever.

3- Taking The Train to Home

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I do not live in the same city as my family unfortunately. So whenever I have the chance to go back, I take it. I take the train minimum every month now. When I get off the train and walk towards my dad waiting, I get this weird feeling. Like everything is okay, as if I was there all along, as in like better me came out suddenly who has been inside me waiting all along. As if our house is not filled with arguements, shouting and crying but instead, love. Such as.

4- Achieving Goals, Feeling Successful

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I get really happy when I achieve something I want, when I get complimented because of it. Hopefully I'll get that feeling often this year.

5- Watching Old Movies

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I love watching old movies, I love getting a glimpse of the past. I love its humour as well.

That's my happy list. What's yours? Send me a postcard of a picture that you believe makes you happy and let's talk about it!