- You're beautiful , inside and out. Tell yourself that everyday , remind yourself of how beautiful you are and remember ; anyone who tells you other wise is trying to put you down and their opinion is irrelevant .
- You're stronger than you ever imagined . You could go through lots in your life , times where you feel like giving up but remember , you're strong and you will get through the darkness you're in , I promise 💙
- Believe in yourself . Believe in your spirit , in your mind , in your talent , in what you're capable of. Don't let anyone make you lose your self- belief .
- Know your self worth . Don't let people walk on you and use you for their own advantage . You're special and important , you're not a second choice , never shall you be .
- You can do it . No matter what you desire to achieve, you can do it . Don't give up .

Love yourself and have a nice day 💙