Hello my lovely readers!
I absolutely wanted to share my to do list with you guys and I hope
you enjoy reading this article.
We still have cold weather and snow, so do not have that high expectations on special activities or something like a fabulous vacation, cause i am broke as hell. :)

1.Go Shopping in another City

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do something for YOURSELF

2.try doing something new

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i really wanted to make Sushi all by myself

3.watch and rewatch some movies
*Dirty Dancing
*Pretty Woman
*Breakfast at Tiffanys
*Mean Girls

4.Have a Netflix Marathon and finish watching some Kdramas

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*Page Turner
*Bride of the Water God

5.Eat Healthy

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6.Read all the Books i wanted to read during Schooltime

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*13 Reasons Why
*Maze Runner
*To Kill a Mockingbird...

7.Doing Homework and go studying

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i really need to get better and Focus

8.Search an Internship to get some work experience

Temporarily removed

9.Workout more

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I have to get up and just do it insted of looking at some inspo and wish to look like that

10.Become more organized and make a new Playlist for more Positivity

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*Sleep more *Be grateful
*Drink more *Be patient
*Write more *Be yourself
*Smile more *Be nice

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getting my life and myself together is my Goal and i will fight for achieving it .

I hope you wll find your way.
Look foreward to hear from me again and leave a heart to let me know that you liked it.

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Ps: I am sorry for my english :)