Sometimes when certain stuff happen in our life or to us, we complain why it happened and why it happened to only us. Well, I am sure you all are aware with the saying, "Everything happens for a reason". Most people often think that this is just a phrase and that this is just a saying but no, it's not, it's a truth, a universal truth at that. Because everything that happens to you or happens in your life ACTUALLY happens for a reason. Every little thing that happened or will happen has a reason behind it. They either happen to bring happiness and joy in your life or to make you suffer and cry. But whatever happens, it is for the betterment of your future because what happens now will determine your entire future. What happens to you and with you now will make you the person you are in the future.

Sometimes when good things happen who bring you immense happiness, you don't question about it. Just think back to your latest happy memory and think, did you even spend a single second thinking why it happened? No you didn't, of course you didn't, but there's nothing wrong with that because we humans are creatures who won't question our happiness and just enjoy the moment like the selfish people we are. And nothing's wrong in just enjoying happiness and not questioning about it, that's exactly what we should do.

Sometimes when bad things happen who make you cry, feel weak and even break you sometimes. At such moments when you are crying and grieving, "Why did this happen to only me?" "What did I do that this happened to me?" and many such questions roam your mind. And there is nothing wrong if you do that, at the start of this article it may have seemed that I wanted to say you that you shouldn't question why things happen but no that's not what I wanted to say all along. All along what I wanted to say was that if certain things happen and when you question about it then just remember that there is a reason why it happened and you may not know the reason behind it now but I assure you that in the future you'll know EXACTLY why it happened.

>>Just go with the flow and remember that all your questions will be answered but you just gotta have some patience to wait for the right time when everything will make sense<<

Thank you,
With love,