5 Seconds of Summer: Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour [August 1, 2015]

This concert was super special to me because it was my very first concert. 5SOS was also the very first people I stanned, so they hold a special place in my heart. I bought resale tickets for the show, which were really freaking expensive. The concert was also two days after I got my braces on, but that didn't stop me from singing my heart out. This is really embarrassing, but I did record on two devices at one time because I was fourteen and dumb. I even got to wear merch that my friend got me for my birthday. My cousin literally drove me to the concert about an hour away and went with me. I'm forever grateful for that.

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B96 Jingle Bash [December 12, 2015]

I went to this concert with three of my friends. The lineup featured Shawn Mendes, Demi Lovato, Jason Derulo, 5SOS (which is why I went), and etc. The people in front of us were really tall so that sucked but it was fun to go with a group and see 5SOS again. I never thought I'd get to see them twice in less than six months.

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103.5 KISSFM Jingle Ball [December 16, 2016]

This was a miracle concert as I like to call it. I was calling to win tickets to this concert because Ariana Grande was on the lineup, and I wasn't going to go to her show in Chicago for the Dangerous Woman tour. I called on my way to school the day of the concert and won front row tickets. I cried on the radio and lowkey made headlines at school over it. I felt so lucky and shocked because I won the tickets the day of the concert. I got to see Ariana along with a bunch of other amazing artists. Hailee Steinfield was on the lineup, and she also was at Jingle Bash, so I got to see her again. The whole experience makes me never want to be in the back or on balconies because front row is such an experience.

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Why Don't We: Something Different Tour [July 21, 2017]

This concert was a mess to get to. My mom didn't let me go in the beginning, and two weeks before, my friend bailed on me. I still made it though. I had to stand in a thunderstorm with no umbrella, but I made it. I had VIP, so I got to meet the boys. They are literal angels. It was so crazy to me because I found out about them about four months before the concert. They're slowly gaining more and more fame everyday, and I'm so proud.

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PRETTYMUCH [January 20, 2018]

This was more of a private event than a concert, but I'll just include it anyway since the boys did perform. It was crazy that I managed to go to this concert too because tickets were snatched within an hour or something like that. My ride also bailed on me less than 24 hours before too. I met the boys too, and it's hard to really say what they were like because it was really rushed. I still really love them and had an amazing time. I'm hoping I get to see them this summer on their summer tour.

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Why Don't We: Invitation Tour [March 3, 2018]

This experience was similar to Jingle Ball because I won tickets to this concert too along with a soundcheck pizza party before the show. I was really cringey when talking to the boys, but they were still so sweet. Getting to see them twice was really special to me because I'm coming up on a year of being a fan of them. They've grown so much since the first time I saw them. Finger crossed, I get to see them for a third time soon.

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