hi guys! This is one of a long series, i hope you like it.

1. Aries-Aries / Aries-Gemini

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The first impact is sexual, then we must try not to discuss every day. They are two polemics to the bitter end, for this they often fight. One of the two could even try to overpower the other, a serious mistake! The tendency to discuss is typical of the sign and, if measured, can promote healthy competition... but we must avoid exaggerations and those classic moments of fury in which we make wrong choices. Weddings and associations are always at risk, precisely because of this tendency to constantly discuss and always highlight the partner's defects ... to feel superior!

2. Aries-Taurus

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Aries will have to insist, the Taurus at first is rather wary. Physical attraction is definitely noticeable in the first months of the relationship! Too bad that the divergences start out of bed because the Taurus does not accept impositions and the Aries, passed the initial enthusiasm, can find the partner too repetitive. Taurus is a strong guy, but if the partner's provocations are too many he will tend to get tired, he will not completely trust and he will tend to break away. It depends on the state of the union, whether it is initial or not. Between the two, usually, who creates more problems is the Aries ...

3. Aries-Cancer

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These are two zodiacal signs all in all very different from each other; this is why there is a basic difference, even if, at the beginning, there is a deep attraction. Aries as passionate as humoral Cancer. Therefore, in this relationship, we risk making too much controversy; moreover the Aries is a direct one and the Cancer instead tends to keep things for itself, not to speak. Aries goes into a beast when they can not understand the silences of the partner, Cancer knows and has fun making it crazy. There is always the risk of some tension, especially during discussions because neither of them gives way to another ...

4. Aries-Leo

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The signs of fire love challenges and in fact this relationship is a constant challenge. They attract each other because they never get bored together. All the dialogues between them are small competitions and over time make the air unbearable; the idea that one of the two has to give up does not like the other, so they can stay together for years, continuing to bicker in order not to give satisfaction to the partner! Every now and then there are those who show themselves off-sighted and may play the transgression card. A relationship that must be treated carefully, one of the two may be offended or move away.

5. Aries-Virgo

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Very different for personality and temperament. The passionate of the zodiac meets the method, how will it end? Aries feels reassured by the firmness of the partner, while the Virgo is stimulated by the creativity of the other. This is fine at the beginning, but certain ways of making Aries, exuberant, a bit 'too impetuous can disturb the Virgin who after all is a much more moderate and attentive to formalities. Aries breaks but does not bend. Virgo tries to win with the card of logic, but in the end she must realize that she is dealing with a ... crazy horse!

6. Aries-Libra

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This is a frequent union, but also rather polemical, although they are opposites in the zodiac, they attract a lot. The personalities are different! Aries is sometimes even too direct, determined in its choices, while Libra always seeks the middle ground and can not stand the impetus of the partner. Too much bread to the bread the Aries, the Libra too diplomatic. The relationship entails risks unless an armistice is reached in time. Libra likes the sexual impetus of Aries; often this union holds up just for the great sensual attraction that the two live ...

7. Aries-Scorpio

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They are dominated by Mars, a planet that for astrology represents the controversy and the dispute! It's nice to discuss and then make peace between the sheets, but we must not exaggerate otherwise there is a risk that everything goes to hell! The Scorpio, moreover, is not the type that forgets things, in fact, can make a knot in the handkerchief and remember with regret some poor statement of the partner. Aries will do well not to betray or not to appear too listless because the Scorpio is a rather vindictive type. A union that rests on the razor's edge, will be the Scorpio to rebel often. It's a continuous struggle.

8. Aries-Sagittarius

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Free, independent couple, who manages to live in a beautiful passion until neither of them touches their feet. In fact, these two zodiacal signs hate having breath on the neck. And if they live in the same house, to avoid discussions, they will do independent lives trying to trust each other as much as possible. Not to see each other for a while is beautiful, so the meeting will be even more passionate. Sexuality is lively, they love to experiment with different situations and they literally eat kisses, they are filled with thousand caresses! Jealousy is very high and becomes a reason for dispute ...

9. Aries-Capricorn

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The meticulousness and determination of Capricorn can negatively affect the partner who, usually, likes to make decisions on two feet. Aries can not stand the hardness of the partner and her long silences. If there is anything to say or a decision to be made, act immediately! On the contrary, Capricorn takes it easy and even gets tired of the exaggerated aggressiveness of the partner; Capricorn thinks long before doing one thing, accuses the other of combining disasters to act in a hurry! Union that tends to live strong problems, we can not always find a lasting agreement, but it depends on people!

10. Aries-Aquarius

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Aquarius like unusual people and it must be said that Aries is certainly not a conventional type. Aquarius loves to live free, this does not mean that it betrays ... let's say that it does not like having breath on the neck. Aries must take it into his head that it will be useless to control the partner or try to manage it. Needless to try to impose rhythms and decisions. If the relationship is new they will have a lot of fun together, both of them have a great liveliness and creativity. Usually after a separation are still friends because the detachment is mental, but a kind of affectionate friendship remains ...

11. Aries-Pisces

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The Aries are as direct as they are incomprehensible and Pisces is closed in his feelings. Some years later, he could learn certain secrets of his partner, understand that for a long time he had a person different from what he imagined. Aries does not like a partner who always says yes; Pisces, on the other hand, when he is in love, tends to smooth out the angularity of the relationship precisely because he wants to live in peace and quietly the relationship. Aries loves challenges and the daily struggle, Pisces dodges them, so at best time will be time to provoke themselves, but in the worst case they could even get away definitively ...