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The grunge era definitely made its comeback twenty to thirty years later. Although 'Grunge' is a sub-genre of rock that was introduced in the mid-80's, it also became a style (thift-store clothing, jean jackets, etc). When someone thinks of grunge, Nirvana usually comes to mind. Although Nirvana was a great grunge band, I feel like they really took away the spotlight from other grunge bands that were actually way better. Here is a list of grunge bands that I absolutely love and that you should love too.

1. Sonic Youth
Forming in 1981, Sonic Youth was active all the way until 2011. Kurt Cobain was actually inspired by this band, and he even ended up working with them. I think you will fall in love with Kim Gordon's voice.

grunge, Kim Gordon, and sonic youth image

2. Alice in Chains
This band is obviously more well-known, but they deserve so much more credit. Layne Staley was the king of grunge. This is the perfect band to listen to if you are angry.

alice in chains, grunge, and layne staley image

3. Candlebox
I just love it when my local radio station plays a track by this band. Again, this is another band that deserves much more credit. Forming in 1990, they still continue to make music today!

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4. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
Even though this band is classified as psychedelic rock, I think that they can fit in the grunge category. At least in my opinion, they definitely give off that grunge vibe. This band is actually a new band; they formed in 2009. Uncle Acid has given me hope for a new generation of grunge.

Image by Kira


And that is it for this article. I didn't list that many only because I felt that I would be making this article way too lengthy. I hope you like these bands, enjoy! xoxo

3/18/18 by Lana K.