I've been reading lots of tips to getting healthier and even more tips on simply finding the motivation to workout. One of these tips was to exercise every time you felt stressed or anxious or disappointed in yourself for not eating as well as you should have. For me my anxiety flares up pretty often and even more when I have had a bad day when I haven't made the healthiest choices. Sooo I guess it was two nights ago I was in bed trying to go to sleep but I couldn't because I was too busy being hard on myself for not eating right that day. Once I remembered the tip I got up and did a quick workout. While I exercised I made a promise to myself to stop being a victim. On days I don't do so well, I will work like hell to make up for it the next day. And so far...it's worked. I've been working out when I need to and the weirdest thing is happening with my diet. I'm actually craving healthier options over junk food. Again I've heard that this happens when you get healthier but I guess until it actually happened I didn't believe it. But things are going well. And I feel...lighter. My legs are looking toned and I think I'm smaller around my waist. And I have more energy. I think I'm finally starting to see results and it's so exciting!