Hello Hearties!
I wanted to share my favorite songs with you since I have a quite long list of songs I love so here we are!

I’m going to post 10 songs every time just to know. Oh and be avare the songs are absolutely randomly placed so you are not lost when you don’t see the system in it. Also I have a various music taste too so yeah...

Currently I am listening to some older songs too but I hope you don’t mind. So going on with the playlist!

1.Gorgeous - Taylor Swift
2.Halsey - Castle
3.Justin Bieber ft. Halsey - The Feeling
4.Panic! At The Disco - Empreror’s New Clothes
5.Jessie J - Flashlight
6.Greek Fire - Top Of The World
7.The Script - Superheroes
8.EXO - Universe
9.EXO - Monster
10.Panic! At The Disco - This Is Gospel

Thats all for now and see you later Hearties!