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If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

This is could be really easy to answer, it would be ANYWHERE.

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Actually, I want to answer it with one place but my inner wanderlust thinking that I want to be like a hipsters who just carry one suitcase for travel to many places in the world. That would be so amazing.

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Take a road trip, going to the jungle, stop near by the lake and living there for awhile. Sometimes I need a quiet place, to having a inner peace with myself. Figure out the identity of mine and need to calm myself from the bustle of life.

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Then if I really want to hear some nice wave sounds, I just need to go to the ocean, have a house or camping / bonfire nearby on the beach.

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After some peace and quiet adventure, certainly need to do something having fun and social things, so I just go to the city. Like a New York, the city who never sleep.

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Not just even a New York, I literally want to travel and experiences live in cities around the world that I really wants to visit. So I would love to take a lesson for culture and life in there.

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For that very long journey, finally got so many things that I wanted, I just go back to my hometown. Take time off in my house and then shared the story of all my experiences to my family.

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That's all my wish! Have a great day and see you tomorrow!

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