Normally is hard talk about it, but I think that we should be able to talk about it more than usually we do. People tend to be shy to do anything that they want to do so I pretend that these kind of people, or just if you want to be brave, can do amazing things. Here I am writing for you.

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There are some days when we don't feel very well, we feel uncomfortable or just we don’t smile what we smile normally. You must to know that every day has to be great and you have to make it happen.

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I have days in which I feel sad or exhausted with homework or maybe I haven’t a good day making things I love. In these days I just wanna listen some music, reading some articles or watch tv series while I eat some of my favourites foods.
Having these days is not bad but is better to do things that make us proud of ourselves or do things that make us feel better. One day I had to take the risk and I had to face that the days have to change and also my mind. Each day I’d wake up thinking about the great day I could have and I knew that I will fight for it. I started to change, and that change was obvious in school, at home, with friends and inside me.

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You just have to start living the life you want to live.

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