If i were...

A flower -

bug, fly, and orange image flowers, orange, and aesthetic image flowers, marigold, and orange image flowers, orange, and photography image

A body part -

beauty, like, and stomach image fashion, chanel, and red image Image by Amine Nacir boy, bed, and Hot image

A type of clothing. -

grunge, tumblr, and indie image fashion, outfit, and grunge image fashion, style, and shoes image shoes, black, and heels image
A jean jacket or boots.

A boy -

teen wolf and dylan o'brien image dylan o'brien, teen wolf, and boy image teen wolf, dylan o'brien, and boy image dylan o'brien, teen wolf, and stiles stilinski image
Dylan O'Brien :)

A place -

beautiful, Greece, and santorini image beautiful, Greece, and santorini image architecture, Greece, and mediterranean image restaurant, Greece, and santorini image
Greece, Fira.


building, edinburgh, and beautiful image edinburgh, scotland, and travel image abbey, aesthetic, and brown image scotland and edinburgh image
Scotland, Edinburgh.

A colour -

rain and photography image red, gun, and aesthetic image couple, car, and vintage image red and quotes image


breaking bad, quotes, and tired image yellow, aesthetic, and converse image art and yellow image yellow, food, and ice cream image

A tv show -

friends and series image friends, funny, and 90s image friends, quotes, and rachel image friends, monica, and rachel image

A fictional character -

aesthetic, hairstyle, and lydia martin image teen wolf, beacon hills, and aesthetic image teen wolf, tree, and lydia martin image banshee, blood, and girl image
Lydia Martin.

An Animal -

Inspiring Image on We Heart It theme, summer mckeen theme, and rp image lion, animal, and rose gold image animal, cute, and lion image

A celebrity -

ariana grande and one love manchester image barbie, pink, and bitch image moon, balloons, and grunge image black and white, disney, and ariana grande image
Ariana Grande.
eyes, grunge, and eyebrows image dress, nails, and fashion image lily collins and actress image quotes, book, and Devil image
Lily Collins.
selena gomez, smile, and selena image accessories, black, and selena gomez image aesthetic, fashion, and girl image music, music note, and small image
Selena Gomez.

A sad movie -

black, bride, and corpse bride image love, quotes, and sad image window, black and white, and dark image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Corpse Bride.

A Greek God / Goddess -

fire, black, and boy image black, dark, and gothic image dog, doberman, and black image quotes, aesthetic, and family image
aesthetic, greek, and Greece image owl and white image model and anais pouliot image aurevoir, baby, and beautiful image

A fictional mum -

mother, remember, and son image brain, quotes, and darling image winter, sweater, and scarf image hospital image
Melissa Mccall.
winona ryder, netflix, and season 2 image bathroom, indie, and photography image deck, farm, and old house image cigarette, coffee, and aesthetic image
Joyce Byers.

and thats it :))))