I know that lots of people are always stressed about something and i'm also stressed a lot, about school exams, friends,..etc so i'm going to give you some tips to help you to relax and stop stressing

1. Don't go too much on social medias

I know it's hard because we want to stay connected with the world and all the news but sometimes social medias can be really rude and a lot of people think that the can insult people because they think that it's not going to hurt the person but it hurts as much as in real life but i'm not saying that everything is bad about social medias because i also love going on social medias but don't overdo it.

2. Listen To Your Favorite Music Or Watch Something That You Like

My favorite singer is Shawn Mendes so when I'm stressed I like to sit on the couch, put my headphones, close my eyes and listen to his voice and only to his voice and it really helps me and if i don't want to listen to some music i just watch one of my favorite tv shows (Teen Wolf yasss) and I just enjoy the tv show and forget about everything else.

3. Relax

When you're stressed because of a school exams or something completely different, stop what you're doing, close your eyes and take a deep breathe. Tell you that there's always a solution and I like to say to myself "After winter comes spring" meaning that after a dark time comes light and a new beginning.

4. Do Something That You Love

Do something that you love to do. For example I love to dance and sing to the top of my lungs and I'm not gonna lie but I'm the most terrible singer and dancer but i don't care because I love doing that and while I'm doing that I forget about my problems and I'm feeling really good.

5. Take Time For Yourself

Taking time for yourself is very important so personally every sunday I like to take a bath and read a book and it really relax me so find something that you like to do and something that relax you and do it as much as you want.

I hope that my tips helped you and I know there's a lot of other things that you can do to stop stressing but I told you the ones that I do, love you :)